Auckland Agricultural & Pastoral Livestock competitions and exhibits are held annually at the Royal Easter Show. Over the duration of the show over 4500 livestock are transported to the showgrounds in the heart of Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city.
These livestock are entered into competitions and displays to the public. The highlight of the livestock section being the competitive classes, which the Auckland A&P administers approx. 2000 competition classes over 127 different events which includes:

Cattle (Beef & Dairy) – No competition for 2021
Dairy Goats
Equestrian – Held at Clevedon
Pet Lamb/Goats/Calf Club
Sheep (Wool & Meat)
Sheep Dog Trials
Young Handlers

Our Livestock displays are penned in the well renowned ‘Farm world’ which has been a ‘hands on’ farm animal experience for the public since 1985. Livestock represent all the above competition entries, with other farming livestock. This is complemented with milking demonstrations and calf feeding.

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