Agricultural and pastoral association

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The Auckland A&P Association boasts a rich heritage as one of Auckland's oldest organisations, deeply woven into the city's historical tapestry.

Origins and evolution

Origins and Evolution

The first Auckland Agricultural Show began in Fort Street and Auckland Domain. In 1910, the showgrounds moved to Greenlane, and Sir John Logan Campbell secured a perpetual lease in 1911.

Wartime and revival

Wartime and Revival

From 1940-1945, the showgrounds served as a military base. The first Easter Show in 1953 promoted NZ goods, with agricultural competitions. The motto: "What New Zealand makes and grows, makes New Zealand grow."

Modern Inclusions

Modern Inclusions

In 1972, the Shows Board Act formed the Auckland Agricultural Pastoral & Industrial Shows Board. In 1989, "Royal" Show status was granted, creating the Royal Easter Show.

The Auckland A&P Association is governed by a Council of 34 members. Our leadership structure includes a President and two Vice-Presidents, elected annually at the AGM. They are supported by the Immediate Past President and the Honorary Treasurer, forming the Executive team.