The Auckland Agricultural & Pastoral Association (Auckland A&P) was established in 1843

The first Auckland Agricultural Show was held in two locations, Fort Street, Auckland, with seed & home industry entries and the Auckland Domain with livestock entries.
In 1910, the Auckland Showgrounds were established on Greenlane West Road. In 1911 Sir John Logan Campbell established a lease in perpetuity from Cornwall Park, for the A&P Association to hold an annual show.
From 1940 to 1945 the showgrounds was used as a military base.
In 1953 the Auckland Manufacturers Association held the first Easter Show to promote New Zealand Manufactured goods. We joined them at this Show with competition for the “manufactured” agricultural items such as bacon, butter, cheese and wine.
The Easter Show motto was “What New Zealand makes and grows, makes New Zealand grow”.
In 1972 the Shows Board Act was introduced, forming the Auckland Agricultural Pastoral & Industrial Shows Board. “Royal” Show status was granted in 1989 by the RAS of NZ and the Royal Easter Show was born.

The Auckland A&P Association is one of the oldest organisations in Auckland.

Some of our leaders are well known in New Zealand history and include:
Sir George Grey, Superintendent of Auckland, Governor and Premier.
Bill Massey, Prime Minister.
Sir John Logan Campbell, Mayor of Auckland.
Alfred Buckland, Stock Agent Founder.
Morton Rennie, Royal Show President.

The Auckland A&P Association is governed by a Council of 34 members.
Our President and two Vice-Presidents are elected yearly at the AGM. They, along with the Immediate Past President and Honorary Treasurer, make up the Executive.