Results 2021

Wow what a year, Covid has had a significant impact on so many parts of NZ and EVOO is no exception. Our judging was delayed by lockdowns for close to 3 months so we were relieved to be able to combine with the Olivetti awards to judge both competitions in the middle of November.

We are pleased to announce the trophy winners for 2021 

The Logan Campbell Trophy and Supreme Award for 2021 go to David and Helen Walshaw at Kapiti Olive Oil, for their excellent Frantoio entry with a blend of Leccino, Koro and Picual. This was also Class Champion in the Medium class. 

The Intense category trophy was awarded to Rangihoua Estate with their Picual oil. This was a hotly contested class, with four oils within less than one percentage point at the top Rangihoua Estate just pipped the others

The delicate category trophy was awarded to Koru Olives with their Frantoio oil.

The medium class was the most contested, whilst the intense category had the most proportion of golds.

The quality of the oils was outstanding, the number of gold and silvers increased this year. This is a testament to the hard work and love all the growers have put in this year. The judges were really pleased to see the overall quality of olive oil in New Zealand rising every year. Over 80% of the entries won a medal in one of the three EVOO classes, which is truly outstanding.

The judging panel this year was chaired by Professor Marie Wong, accompanied by leading food and oils specialist Dr Laurence Eyres, food technologist Geoff Webster, And former convener of these awards Mike Cundy. We are grateful to our three returning judges this year, with Marie Wong stepping into the chair position and a big thanks to Dr Laurence Eyres for his work as Chair over the last few years. 

We were also privileged to have Cameron Douglas join the experienced judging team. Cameron is New Zealand’s only Master Sommelier, he has judged at wine events all over the world and brings a fresh perspective and world-class palette to the show.

Specially printed adhesive labels for medal winners to use on bottles and packaging are available as usual through Rapid Labels (order forms will be available soon).  These should be ordered directly from the supplier by email indicated.  Please note that as it is so close to Christmas labels will not be dispatched until the new year, but orders need to be placed by the 21st of December 2021.

 Thanks again for your support for another very gratifying competition.

RES Wine Awards 2021

Thank you to the producers, growers, judges, marketers, show team, sponsors and supporters for the Royal Easter Show Wine Awards 2021.







Royal Easter Show Olive Oil Awards / Gourmet Oil Awards 2020




Olive Oil Research Project

The aim of this recent project was to investigate the widespread perception that olive oil has a low smoke point at high temperatures and is thus unsuitable for frying. The study evaluated four samples New Zealand EVOOs, two imported oils (one from Australia and one from Europe) and  sample of typical canola oil.

Key findings were:

  • All oils in this study did not smoke until over 190deg C –  a good result
  • In any event, smoke point is not a good indicator of suitability of an oil for frying
  • The NZ EVOOs tested all performed very well under long term testing at a high temperature (10 hours at 180deg C).
  • The authors concluded that NZ EVOO is entirely suitable for use in frying and has added health benefits not found in other oils.

This trial was also reported very favourably in the  Listener June 29 – exploding the oil myth

Read here the research paper  Olive Oil Paper